HOME REFINING - ROOM MAKEOVER SPECIALIST - Do you like to change the mood of your room with complements which reflect your lifestyle? Using our knowledge and ability, together with colours, textiles, and textures the transformation takes its shape. Curtains. Illuminations. Carpets. Floor coverings. Wall design & coatings. Cushions & plaids. Vases. Candleholders. Pictures. Trompe l’oeil. Dowry.

PERSONAL SHOPPER - You are searching for a special object? You don’t know where to find it? You don’t have time? We will find it for you! If you need consultation, we will accompany you.

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We offer a wide range of different services: interior design and decoration, image care & visual merchandising for shops, hotels, restaurants, exibitions, fairs, private parties, events, wedding planning.

Our aim is to improve quality, functionality and aesthetic design of homes, meeting, working and living places.